Monday, April 02, 2007

My timing must be off

For almost a week now I've been trying to go visit my neighbor who just had a baby. I'll be babysitting him when she goes back to work. You'd think that since she had a baby just 1.5 weeks ago she'd be home a lot right? Well, evidentely not because I've gone over probably 5 times in the last week and nobody answers! So either she's always napping when I go over, or she's not home. Her family lives about 10 minutes away so I guess she might be there during the day to have help with the baby, but I know she's home at night since I've seen lights on there on my way home from work, I just don't want to bug her that late. Hopefully one of these days I'll catch her home. I had made a nice fresh loaf of bread for her, but since she wasn't there we brought it home and Toddler just HAD to have it lol. So I guess I'll make another loaf tomorrow and try again. :)


Monkey Giggles said...

Hi there, I just click into your blog...I love it. You have a great design. Smiles

Crazy Working Mom said...

If she's not home again, bring the bread to me! :)