Friday, April 06, 2007

I like making things more difficult

So today I am taking the boys to an Easter egg hunt my friend Michelle is organizing. Should be fun. Except that I realized our Easter baskets were still in the attic. I tried standing on a chair to get to it, but that wasn't high enough. I didn't want to drag the heavy ladder in from the garage to the upstairs, I can just imagine myself tumbling down the stairs with it and breaking my neck. So instead I decided to get creative. For a while I've been meaning to move a hanging closet organizer from my closet to the boys' to put their clothes in, since when I purged their clothes a few weeks ago their dresser is too big for them. So, first I tackled their closet, took out the bookshelf of toys, moved the metal shelves to the other side, then put in the hanging thingy. I then took their clothes from the dresser and put them in the closet and put the stuff from on top of the dresser in other places. I put the toy bookshelf where the dresser used to be and moved another little drawer cart by it. I pulled the dresser out into the hall so I could get a chair, climb on the dresser, and get to the attic.

All because I didn't want to get a ladder.

And now I have an empty dresser sitting in the middle of my hall, and I have no idea what to do with it!


Dawn said...

LOL Kara, that was far more complicated!!!

Have fun Easter Egg Hunting!

Stacey said...

Too funny Kara! Have a fun egg hunt! :-)

Michelle said...

LOL! I probably would have done the same thing. Getting the ladder would have been tricky. It looks nice in your hallway. You could have the boys decorate it for Easter. :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Sounds like you took the hard way around! :)
Glad you got in there anyhow.