Saturday, April 28, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday

I did really well most of this week. I'm starting to do better at cleaning each day, and a little better on getting to bed by 11:30. Dishes and computer time are also going pretty well. And I am doing great on the laundry and saying my prayers twice a day. I'll keep those on there another week before declaring them habits, but they are pretty close! I've been doing good on most of my other habits, though I've been slacking on my crunches so I'm going to add that back to my goals list for a week or two to work on some more.

This week my new goal is going to be to have dinner ready or cooking when DH gets home, at least 3x between Monday and Friday. I've been really lazy about having dinners cooking since when I was working I was rarely home at that time, so I want to get into the habit of making dinner more instead of leftovers all the time lol.

Here's my Joe's Goals and goal list:

#1- Clean 1/2hr a day
#2- Keep up with dishes
#3- Brush teeth once a day
#4- Read scriptures daily
#5- Toddler bedtime routine
#6- Bedtime 11:30pm
#7- 50 crunches a day
#8- Take vitamins every day
#9- No computer for 1hr after work, church, or Hubby gets home from work
#10- 1 load of laundry each morning, put away by bedtime
#11- Daily prayers, morning and night
#12- Have dinner done or cooking when DH gets home, 3x during the week


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Mom Tu-Tu said...

This sounds like a great idea! Very inspiring, and I love the pretty colors of your blog.

Jen said...

I've been working on this one too, especially at lunchtime as my husband only gets a half an hour off for lunch.
I love your goal chart! Where did you find the template?

Kara said...

Jenny- it's from

Peculiar Blogs said...

good job on your goals and have a great week!

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a wonderful habit to create. Good luck this week and happy cooking!

mist1 said...

Don't forget to floss. You've got to floss.

Kara said...

Thanks for the reminder :D Actually I hate flossing cuz I have braces and it's such a pain. Maybe I'll set that for one of my goals.

Michelle said...

Wow, most of your Joe's Goals chart is covered! Good luck this week with the dinners. Your hubby will really like that. :)