Monday, April 16, 2007

Mommy's Love

It's amazing how we are so excited for our kids to reach each milestone. As babies we can't wait for them to smile, clap, crawl, walk, etc. Then they learn to talk, then letters, numbers, and so on. Each milestone, we cheer them on and shower them with praise. And then in our hearts we cry. They are growing up, each milestone makes them less dependent on us, and we can never go back to savor them as babies. As proud of them as we are, we know that one day they will be all grown up and independent, making their own choices.

My boys are growing up. Baby has just learned how to climb stairs and wave hi. Pretty soon he'll be walking and start talking. Toddler is learning his letters and loves saying the ABCs, he can almost count to 10 with help. He knows some colors and lots of shapes. He loves to color and I love watching his imagination go wild. I'm always amazed at how fast they are both learning and growing. As I followed Baby up the stairs yesterday I cheered him on, but on the inside I was sad. Not just because I have to watch him so he doesn't fall down them now, but because I realized that was one more step to him getting older and not needing me.

On the brighter side, I know I must be doing something right when Toddler learned to say "I wuv you Mommy" and Baby knows he can crawl to me anytime he wants loved. I've learned that not a day will go by that I won't worry about my kids, but also I learned that being a Mommy is more rewarding than I ever imagined. I thank God every day for blessing me with my boys.


Kate said...

What a sweet post . . . I agree . . . they grow up all too quickly . . . but it's wonderful to watch the process! :)

Michelle said...

Awww, that was really touching! They sure do grow up fast. I can remember them as new babies. I love to hear their new milestones! That picture is just darling. To everyone reading this, that picture DOES NOT do Kara justice. You thought her kids were cute, she's just as adorable! :D

Kara said...

Aw *blush* my boys are way cuter than I am!

Sandra said...

That was soooo sweet Kara, I loved it :)

They do grow up so fast don't they?
Enjoy every single minute you have with them, I know I do :)

You're little ones are adorable!


Rachel Anne said...

"Being a Mommy is more rewarding than I ever imagined." perfectly said.