Thursday, April 12, 2007

I wish I could write

I used to hate English classes in high school. Especially research papers and, well, any paper more than a page long lol. I would put them off until the last minute. Seriously, I would stay up until 4am the night before they were due, having just started it that day. In college I wrote a paper on procrastination, which I wrote 2 hrs before class after 2 weeks of having the assignment. I just never liked writing. Except for poetry, I did like writing poetry (although I would also put it off until the last minute, usually in the 5 minutes before I had to stand up to read it lol).

Somehow though, I managed to get perfect A's in all my English classes. I hated it but I could B.S. like nobody's business. How many people do you know who could write a 10-page paper on taking care of the environment in 3 hrs the night before it's due and still get a 95%? So although I hated writing, I did pretty good at it.

Now I have the reverse problem. I want to write, but it seems that every creative bone in my body got broken in the process of having kids. I can get an idea, but it can't get any farther than that, I just draw a blank. They lack embellishment, supporting stuff, and the all important B.S. I used to use so often. I'm all B.S.'ed out. Sometimes I wish I could write a book, but although I can think of a story I can't think of anything to fill it with. I read a lot of books and just think of how much genius these writers have, and I know I lack whatever it is they use in their brain to come up with that stuff.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to breath life into my dying creativity? There must be something I can do to get my brain in gear.

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Anonymous said...

BS may get you decent grades in High School, but it's not very interesting. You manage to do just fine without of all that!