Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zero Dollars

I love getting what I call "Good Mail". Stuff in this category includes greeting cards, money, free samples, bills that say I owe nothing, and thing like that. Yesterday I got a piece of "good mail". It was from my OB's office explaining what they charge and what I owe. Why is this "good mail" you ask? Because out of the $2358.00 they charge for a normal delivery I have to pay...$0! Yep, we have awesome maternity insurance. We do have to pay a $15 copay for the first visit, but that's it. Our insurance covers all the doctor services, which I believe also covers clinical laboratory service like ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc. I still have to pay a portion of the hospital charges as well, but not having to worry about the OB charges is nice.

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