Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being cute

I really wish I could get Jason to nap more often. It's getting harder and harder to make him nap, but I really really need a nap myself most days but can't because he won't. :P Today I tried to get him to nap, and I laid on my bed for about an hour listening to him get into things, make noise, go up and down the stairs, etc. Everytime I was almost asleep I'd have to wake up to tell him to be quiet so he wouldn't wake up Jakey (which miraculously he didn't). I'm tempted to just lock him in his room so at least I won't have to worry about what he's doing while I nap lol, but I don't do that, we all know 3 year olds can do a lot of damage when left alone too long!

Good thing he is being so cute today. While I was trying to nap he occasionally called "I love you mom!" to me, and he's been spending a lot of time fixing his "house" (a big box my glider came in) with his play tools and building a window in it lol. Jakey also has a "house", the box the new oven came in, and Jason has been helping him fix his house too. They are being so adorable, I haven't even really lost my temper today, though I did get a little frustrated while cleaning the playroom earlier, but they were actually better at helping clean it up today. Aren't they cute? :)


Anonymous said...

What a cute photo!!

Michelle said...

Way cute picture, such handsome boys! I'm sorry it's been harder trying to get Jason to nap. It stinks when they get to the point that they don't need naps anymore. Hopefully he will for a little while longer to give you a break!