Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cooling down

Well, after the last 3 days of heat and sunshine we have entered a cold spell. Until next Monday it's supposed to be cool and rainy (it better be clear a few hours for Jakey's bday party on Saturday! I'm still annoyed that Hubby had me change it from next weekend when it's supposed to be sunny and warm again, grr). The boys are sad that they can't go out and play. I did let them get dressed and put on their jackets and play in the rain for a bit this morning, but I don't want them getting sick so they weren't out for long. My strawberry plants are loving all the moisture.

Haha, I started this a while ago and just realized I never finished. :D I need to go do some laundry (why can't it clean itself?!) so I have clothes to wear and get the boys to help clean up the family room. It is mostly their mess after all lol.

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Michelle said...

We have cold weather and rain too. I think it's kind of nice after the HOT weather we had. Why can't we have in between the two, all the time?? That would be so perfect! :D