Sunday, May 25, 2008

Long Weekend

Man, I have had such a busy weekend! My inlaws have been here since Friday and go home tomorrow. On Saturday we had Jakey's birthday party (his birthday is June 1, but we had it this weekend since the inlaws would be down). It was lots of fun, and I will try to post some pics another day. Then after the party Hubby went and got a load of compost for me for the garden and we spent a few hours shoveling that. There was way more than we needed so we got the garden full, the compost bin full, and then piled the rest in the kiddie pool until it's overflowing. Now I am so sore and tired, that's a lot of work for a pregnant woman who's used to just sitting on the couch most of the day lol. I haven't been feeling well today from being sore and tired and then pg sick, I even tried to nap, but wasn't successful. I'm heading to bed now. Tomorrow we will get the garden planted finally and my family is having a bbq some time so we will go to that. Hopefully I sleep well tonight so I have some energy to do that.

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Dawn said...

Happy early birthday to Jakey! Your weekend sounds exhausting, I hope Monday was calmer and more relaxing!