Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day Gift

This is what my wonderful Hubby got me for Mother's Day. :) A new glider recliner. This is very special because my very first Mother's Day when I was pregnant with Jason he bought me one just like this, but a few years ago we ended up selling it when things got tight. He always felt horrible that we had to sell it because it was a gift for me. So he was so excited and happy to get me this new one and I love it, mostly because of the thought he put into it. He's so sweet! And he was so happy I'd have it to rock the baby in and relax in. It's all set up in the nursery (Jakey's room right now), though I might move it to my room for now to keep the kids from ruining it. :)


Anonymous said...

I love it! Congrats.

Michelle said...

I remember how sad you were to get rid of the first one. Yay for being able to have a new one! They are so nice when you have a baby. :)

Katie said...

Oh wow, that looks comfy! Enjoy!