Sunday, May 04, 2008


One of these days Hubby wants to get a truck. He really likes the Toyota Tundra. I like trucks too, but I'm willing to be patient and get one when we have the money. Our car will be paid off this year and I know Hubby is going to really be pushing for a truck after that. It must be a guy thing. Yesterday we noticed tons of guys in pimped out cars and trucks. There were things like custom Chevy grills and cool paint jobs. Then there was this one car (or truck, I can't remember) that had been lowered so that it was only a few inches off the ground. Now, that I just don't get. Hubby hated it too. The guy's back bumper was torn off, obviously because every time he would go over a tiny bump or dip, the bottom of the car would grind against the pavement. Wonder what that guy was thinking having that done. Jason loves to see trucks that have been lifted and have huge tires, he yells "Monster truck!" So cute. When we finally get a truck we definitely need one with a second row big enough to put a carseat cuz Jason would love to go for a ride.

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