Friday, May 16, 2008

That time of year

Boy, it's nice and hot here today! Well, for us. I'm sure people who live in hotter climates think 80* is great, and it is, but I just can't be outside for long in hot weather lol. But I did take the boys outside for a bit while I did some work in the garden. I raked and shoveled out the thick layer of wood chips that has been driving me nuts, and then started digging in the dirt to loosen it up. I had to stop about 1/4 through digging to come in because I was getting to hot and weak. Hubby says he'll help finish it up later. Then I need to buy some good soil to dig in and maybe in the next week or two I can start planting. Ooh, that reminds me I have a book on hold at the library that I have to pick up today, I better do that when Hubby gets home. It's a gardening book, something about square foot gardening, which I think will be helpful since we have such a small garden area.


Anonymous said...

It was beautiful day here today too what a great photo!

Michelle said...

We've had 80 degree weather too. It's been nice, but like you, I don't want to stay out in it very long. It's not as bad when there's a cool breeze blowing. :)