Sunday, May 04, 2008

Memory loss

Yesterday when we went shopping and had to keep asking Hubby what we were shopping for. When I am pregnant my memory is so bad! I would tell Hubby, "I wanted to look for a window well cover," (at Lowes) and then two minutes later we'd be walking down the isle and I'd ask "Wait, what are we looking for?" I swear I did this 3-4 times while shopping yesterday. It's bad when I don't have him around to remind me what I was doing lol, then I might walk into a room to get something and just stand there confused, and finally give up and go back to doing something else. During the day I instant message with him while he's at work and I'm constantly telling him to remind me to do "such-and-such" later. I'm glad he's been pretty good at taking over my memory for me lol. It was so bad when I was pregnant with Jakey, I would forget the same thing over and over after just a few minutes. Makes Hubby laugh.

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