Sunday, May 04, 2008

Naptime Drama

The boys are driving us nuts! We finally got them to sleep after fighting with them to stay in bed for over 2 hours! Jakey finally fell asleep then Jason woke him up. Jason kept going in Jakey's room, I finally put two baby gates on his door to keep him in so he couldn't just climb over one (I would just shut and lock the door but he freaks out if it's closed). And Jakey was slamming his door against the wall which made one of Jason's pictures fall down and the glass shattered. Good thing I was planning to get new picture frames for his pictures anyway, cuz that's 2 of 4 that have broken. It's funny how upset about it he got though lol, he was crying and I found him kneeling over the broken pieces saying "My picture, my picture!". I'm going to go to the dollar store and get matching frames for his pictures so at least they will match now. I also thought I had a few more pictures to add to it, but I don't know if they got misplaced or thrown away during the move. Oh, just asked Hubby and he said to check the garage. :)

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