Thursday, May 15, 2008

Way too big

A few days ago Hubby sent me an email about a guy's $20million home that had gone into foreclosure and it had pictures of the house. Oh my gosh, that house was huge! It had a ballroom (maybe 2? I can't remember), game room with pool tables and stuff, bar, ice cream parlor (so jealous of that! lol), theater room with theater rope and seating and everything, two master closets the size of bedrooms, a huge master bath, jacuzzi and sauna rooms, and so much more. And it was on about 9 acres of land with completely landscaped gardens and stuff. I can't even imagine the mortgage payment on a house that big! I think the power bill alone would be as much as our house payment lol. No wonder it got foreclosed on! Even if I had the money I don't think I'd want a house that big, you wouldn't even use most of the rooms. And it would take hours to search the house if I needed to find the kids for something lol. My house is 2800 sq ft and that's more than I can take care of most days. The ballroom alone in that big house is bigger than my whole home. Who really needs that much space?

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Michelle said...

$20 million???? That's INSANE! Man, a small country could fit inside that kind of house. lol If you still have the email, I'd be curious to see the pictures. :D