Friday, May 30, 2008


Yesterday Jakey had his 2 year checkup. We went to my old family doc but I don't think he recognized me (it has been a long time). Everything looked good, Jakey's right on track developmentally. He weighs about 24 lbs, still a little shrimp like Jason :D 34.5" tall so at least he's average height-wise. He had to get 2 shots, poor little guy. I hate when they are old enough to understand what's happening when they get shots. All day he kept telling us "owie, pokes, my legs" and trying to show us his legs. At least that's over with.


Anonymous said...

How old is Jakey? My 2 year old is 21 lbs and the 10 month old is 19 lbs. I think the younger one will be bigger than her big sister in a few years.

Stacey said...

Brady was small for a long time too. He has finally started filling out,he's 27 lbs now.

I hate when they have to get shots too. Now I'll have to start over again with the new baby. :(