Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back from the dentist

Today we had to take Jason to the dentist to get some cavities taken care of. Because of his age they had to put him under to do it. I was pretty nervous about it and he was a little scared to go. He did not want them to put the mask on his face even though they made it smell like root beer for him, but once he got a whiff of the laughing gas he started cracking up and laughed until he went to sleep. Jakey and I waited in the waiting room for about an hour and a half. It only took about 45 minutes for them to do the work (he actually had a few more cavities they found on the xrays) and then we just waited for him to wake up. He is normally a very deep sleeper so with the anesthesia he was an even deeper sleeper and did not want to wake up easily lol. We finally got him to wake up and he looked around so confused. We finally got to leave once he was awake and coherent. I had promised him that we would get him some root beer, but I decided I was just going to head home. Well, even though he was still pretty groggy and wouldn't answer anything I asked him, when I said we were going home he said "But you said we would get root beer at McDonalds!" and started crying. So of course we stopped (at Wendys) and got him some root beer and us some stuff to eat since it was past lunch time. He tried to eat some chicken nuggets and french fries even though I warned him it might hurt, and of course it did, and I don't have any Children's Tylenol and he can't have any more Ibuprofen until 6pm. Now he is pretty grumpy, hopefully he'll take a little nap so he can feel a bit better. I need to get Jakey to nap too and maybe I'll lay down for a bit cuz my head hurts.

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Michelle said...

What a trooper to go. Bummer they found more cavities but thankfully they got them all done in one trip! How's he doing today, a little better?