Thursday, May 08, 2008

Relaxing day

Finally a day where I have nothing planned :) Monday and Tuesday we were out of the house most of the day running errands and going to the park. Yesterday I did a lot of cleaning then went to a Partylite party at my friend Heather's. That was fun to get out with adults and a nice break. But today there is nothing planned. I'll probably finish up the last of the laundry (just a few loads of blankets) and vacuum. Hubby was so sweet and helped clean up the boys' rooms while I was out last night. It's supposed to be in the 60s today so I'm thinking later this afternoon we will go outside and I can finish cleaning up the garden bed. I still need to rake up all the wood chips and junk and dig out a few saplings. Then I can start preparing the soil so I can plant in a few weeks. I'll be so happy if I can actually get something to grow this year lol. The strawberry plants are already looking better since we've had nice weather and I got the weeds out of the way. Mmm, fresh strawberries will be nice!

LOL, Jakey is sitting on the coffee table breaking Doritos into my cereal bowl that has a little milk, then eating it like cereal :P Silly kid. I need throw him in the shower, he stinks! Amazingly it's 7:45 and Jason is still sleeping. I hope he gets up soon because Hubby forgot to put a diaper on him last night, and I don't want him peeing the bed.

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