Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweet Relief

Today we finally got our evaporative cooler working. Our last house had no a/c and we had to use 2 window units, ceiling fans, and a box fan to try to cool the whole house, so getting a house with any kind of a/c was exciting. The last few days have been in the 90s and without a/c it was getting in the 80s in the house. It was hard to even sleep cuz it was so warm at night. We have never had an evaporative cooler so we had no idea what to do to get it hooked up, but luckily a neighbor was walking by while Hubby was working on it and offered to come help. They quickly got it all working and now we have wonderful cold air blowing through the house. It's great! We need to buy a new pump and pad things for it, and our neighbor will come over again tomorrow to help Hubby with those, but it is working fine for now. Well, except for the power going out a few times, probably because the old yucky pump is working too hard. But by this time tomorrow it will be working perfectly.


Michelle said...

I'm not exactly sure what an evaporative cooler is, but yay for having a cooler house! We just put an AC unit in our bedroom and along with the one already in the apartment, our place if starting to cool off too. It does help during the night!

Kara said...

An evaporative cooler is also known as a swamp cooler :) Big square box that sits on the roof.