Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The dentist

Today I took Jason for another dentist appointment. He went in February but we found out that dentist wasn't covered by our insurance. So today we saw a new dentist. The office was cute, they had a little room with toys and an N64 for the kids to play. Everyone was very nice and Jason was amazed by the TVs in the ceiling. He was not happy when they laid him back to look at his teeth though. It wasn't as bad as last time where he screamed loudly the whole time, but he did cry while they did the quick exam, and they confirmed that he does indeed have 2 cavities in his front top teeth. They couldn't see any more problems but they will do xrays when we go in to have him put under to get those fixed and see if there are any more.

So next week we go to the surgical center where they do the pediatric dental anesthesia stuff. They will put him under, do xrays, fill cavities and clean his teeth. And hopefully they don't find any other cavities in the xrays cuz this is already going to cost near $300. I hate that pediatric dentists are considered a "specialist" and therefore not covered the same under our insurance. If it were a general dentist it would all be covered, but they don't do the pediatric anesthesia stuff so we had to go to the specialist :P What a pain.

And of course I blame myself for not being good about brushing his teeth and letting him eat too much candy. I'm definitely going to do better. We already had a talk this morning that we shouldn't eat a lot of candy cuz it makes our teeth get little holes and hurt.

As I munched on a bag of Skittles.

Like mother, like son.


Dawn said...

I wouldn't blame brushing habits entirely, Jakey has cavaties alot and it's just genetics, which is loosely my fault, but eh, what can ya do?!

Dentistry does get expensive!

Michelle said...

Well I'm laughing at the "eating Skittles" part. lol

Miss J and I are a like in that sense too, we prefer candy-goodness. lol But like you told Jason, I tell her she has to eat healthy food. She tells her sister all the time, but doesn't really want to do it herself. Silly girl.

I hope they don't find anymore cavities! Good luck at his next appt!