Monday, May 19, 2008

Registering to vote

So this year will be the first year I vote in a presidential election. I could have when I was 20, but I never got around to registering to vote. Now I am registered to vote, but in Idaho. I have to get re-registered here in Utah, and to do that I have to have a Utah driver's license, which I don't have yet lol. Good thing I'm planning to get my Utah license in the next month or so. Of course that means I have to retake the written test, but it's open book and I know how to drive so that shouldn't be too hard. All so I can register to vote. And no, I won't discuss who I'm voting for or why, cuz I don't like getting in to politics, and because I haven't fully decided yet who I dislike the least.


Michelle said...

I haven't registered to vote, at least I don't think I have. I remember filling out something in college but I don't know exactly what it was. lol I don't even know where to go to do it. :P

I'm with you, I still have decided who to vote for this year.

natasha said...

i totally know who i am voting for however, utah is super easy to get your license. i have mine there and the best thing is there is no line and no problems whatsoever because you can use the book! have fun voting!