Friday, May 16, 2008

The Playroom

I love having a room dedicated just for the boys' toys. It's so nice to have them mostly stay in one area, though some do migrate upstairs once in a while. It's really nice that it is downstairs so I don't have to worry about guests seeing the mess and the boys' bedrooms stay cleaner as well as there aren't toys in there to distract the boys at bedtime.

A week or two ago I bought some new toy bins for the boys' toys. I even printed out pictures and put them on the bins so the boys know which toys go in each bin. I think I had more fun organizing toys than the boys lol. They thought the pictures were cool, but they'd rather look at the pictures than put toys in the bins. :) Doesn't that look nice?

But the boys seem to think the toys look much better dumped all over the floor instead of put away nicely. We can spend an hour cleaning up the playroom, and within 5 minutes every toy is back on the floor. I'm not sure why I even try anymore lol. I guess it just makes me feel good when it actually looks like this:

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Michelle said...

Now that's a nice looking playroom! I love that you put pictures on the bins, very smart.

It took a long time, but the girls have mostly learned that when they are done with one set of toys, to put them away, and then get new ones out. It's such a pain having to spend so much time cleaning up toys. :P