Saturday, May 31, 2008

Free stuff

I am on a local freecycle group and I love it. It's great that people can give stuff away to someone else who will need it. I see stuff like treadmills, baby clothes, and bikes all the time. I have used it lately to give away the extra compost we have (the lady is coming to pick it up today) and our old gas range when we got the new one. I was also able to find some used wood for my garden boxes. It really is neat. Of course there are always people on there that are just greedy, asking for laptops and cars and stuff. And they get really specific about how good it needs to be. They must not understand that freecycle isn't about getting everything you want for free, but about recycling things that someone no longer needs. I only ever ask for things that I can imagine people would have laying around they don't use, like the old wood I got. And I try to offer more than I ask for. It feels good to give things to someone who can use them after I no longer need them.

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Promotional Pens said...

Free cycling is not a only a good way to help our environment by recycling and getting full use out of items...but, it's a great way to help others. You are generous in giving more than you ask for.