Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Why is it that laundry just never gets finished? I don't mind the washing cuz the machines do that, but I hate folding and putting away the clean clothes. They pile up faster than I get them taken care of. Today I am working on getting ALL the laundry done AND put away. I'm tired. At least the washer and dryer aren't in the basement like our old house, so there aren't as many stairs to go up and down. And I'm trying to decide what to do with the boys clothes. At our old house we had their clothes in our closet because if they were in their room they would throw them all over. Now I could do it that way again, but I don't want to drag their dresser into our closet. I know they will continuously make a mess with them if they are in their room, but I don't want them in mine lol, so I'm undecided. Right now they are unfolded in separate baskets in my room, waiting for my decision. (They are unfolded cuz if I leave a folded basket of clothes sitting out it attracts the pests kids and it is quickly dumped all over.) I am actually doing pretty good so far, got about 4 loads taken care of and some going in the washer and dryer. Then I think 3 loads left- towels, whites, blankets- and I should be done. I'm also working on my 3rd load of dishes. Have I told you before that I have seriously considered going strictly with paper plates and plastic ware? Cuz I think taking out more garbage would be much easier than keeping up with the multiplying dishes. But then the tiny little environmentalist inside kicks me and tells me I would be a horrible person to do that, and the tiny rational mother in me kicks me again and tells me that is just plain lazy. Plus I'd still have pans and cooking utensils so it wouldn't save me from all dishes.

OK, I need to stop procrastinating and finish that load of dishes.


Anonymous said...

For some weird reason, laundry is actually my favourite chore.

I have the same problem, my daughter is always throwing her clothes out of her dresser. I think we need to find somewhere else to put her clothes.

I linked to my new LDS blog, check it out and let me know what you think!

Kara said...

You like doing laundry?! :O LOL. We finally decided to just put their dresser in our closet. Now it's easier for me to put away their clothes and they won't mess it up. :)