Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Story of Us

I saw this on my friend Alicia's blog and thought it looked like a fun way to procrastinate the cleaning I should be doing :D

PhotobucketHow did you meet:
Nate was my college roommate's sister's boyfriend's roommate. Make sense? Yeah, most people don't follow that lol. Anyway they all knew each other from living in Rexburg, Idaho. The first day we moved into our dorm, my roommate called Nate over to help her set up her computer since he was a computer science major. I answered the door in ugly PJs and my hair in a ponytail. Not really an attractive look I thought, but evidently he thought different. I didn't pay him much mind at first, but after he left my roommate came out and told me he thought I was cute, so she gave him our number. Over the next few weeks he kept losing our number and she kept giving it to him. Finally one day in October I was bored so I decided to go to his work (Wendy's) and see if he was there. Through a coincidence he actually came out to dump garbages just as I'd sat down to eat. He was so shocked to see me there. He came over and we talked and I told him "I thought you were going to call and ask me out" lol. (No, I am not always that forward.) He explained about losing our number again, so we went ahead and set up a date for the next Thursday. Our first date we went to a little restaurant called The Bluebird as well as to a haunted corn maze and a haunted straw maze (plus with the cold and me only having on a thin jacket, it was a nice excuse to cuddle closer lol). Right from the start I was so comfortable with him. We could talk about anything. I admit I didn't think he was the most attractive guy at first, I thought he was funny looking, but he grew on me :) 4 months later we were engaged, and 9 months after we started dating we were married.

Who eats more:
I was going to say him, but I think all together I might eat more because I eat more frequently and he never eats breakfast. But at a single meal he eats more.

Who said I love you first:
I wrote "Love, Kara" in an email for the first time. I don't know who actually said the words first.

Who is taller:
He's taller by a few inches, I'm 5'5".

Who sings better:
Me. When we were first together he wouldn't even sing during church, but now he does.

Who is Smarter:
I would say him, though I don't think I'm dumb :)

Who does the Laundry:
Me, and I hate laundry

Who does the dishes:
Mostly me, but he will about once a week if I ask. He also does a better job than me lol, I just throw it all in the dishwasher and if it doesn't get clean the first time I run it again. He actually scrubs stuff and wipes down all the counters and handwashes pans and stuff.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed:
Depends on how you look at it. From the point of view of laying in the bed it's him. I'm a bit neurotic about it, I have to sleep on the left side, unless it's against a wall, then I sleep on whatever side is not by the wall lol.

Who pays the bills:
Usually me. He keeps track of the money, I keep track of paying the bills and just tell him when, how much, and who. Works pretty good for us.

Who mows the Lawn:
Him. He likes yard work, I hate machines that can chop me up, so it's the best for us lol

Who cooks dinner:
Mostly me, he rarely does, but helps out sometimes. I used to really hate it and not cook much, but now I have a 4wk rotating menu that is simple and makes it easy to shop and make meals.

Who drives when you are together:
Him. I don't really like to drive.

Who is more stubborn:
Definitely me

Who kissed who first:
He kissed me. Funny story too. Our 3rd date we were standing in my dorm saying goodnight and he asked if he could kiss me. I had never been kissed before and was extremely nervous so I told him I would close my eyes and he could kiss me. It was short and not very good. I remember thinking "that's it? ew" But after a while kissing got better.

PhotobucketWho proposed:
He did. February 24th at 2am. We were talking after getting off work (We both worked at Wendy's by then and they close late) and he suddenly said he had something to tell me. He said he was moving and I said "What?! Where?" He explained that because his roommate was getting married he needed to find a new apartment. And he wanted to find a new roommate who he already knew and liked. Then I started realizing where he was going with this and started grinning. He took my right hand and asked "Kara, will you marry me?" And I said "Really?! Yes!" We stayed up late giggling and making plans. A few months later when he bought a ring he took me to the field where the corn maze had been where we had our first date, and got down on one knee and proposed again.

Who is more sensitive:
I think we both are about the same

Who has more siblings:
Me. He has 4 and I grew up with 7, but also had an older brother and sister who were adopted and married before I was born, and so I don't really know them as well, and now my parents take in foster kids and have guardianship of my cousin's daughter who is like a sister.

Who wears the pants:
We both make decisions and stuff together.

I'm not tagging anyone, cuz I've been such a slacker with doing meme's I'm tagged for, but if you do it let me know!


Michelle said...

Awww, I love the story of how you guys met. So cute. :) I didn't know the kissing part, that was funny. Only because the same thing happened to me! lol And lucky us it did get better because now we have some really cute kids running around. ;)

Amanda said...

I played along! How are you?

Bunny B said...

Came from Amanda's :) Love your story. It's so cute!

Bunny B said...
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