Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Madness

Well, not much to do today. I only watch Little T. Little I's mom came by yesterday and let me know they are having another friend watch him because that friend needs the money. I'm kind of sad because I was enjoying having a little baby to cuddle and the money would have been helpful. I'm still their backup and they don't know if the situation will be permanent or temporary. Sigh. My boys are playing and Little T is napping so I'm just chilling. Got some laundry going and need to fold laundry today. I finally got the boys' room cleaned yesterday, they have a floor again! A clean floor! Very nice. Now I just need to get my room under control, the baskets of clean laundry and dirty laundry on the floor are starting to take over, I'm afraid that one of these days it'll come alive and eat us in our sleep.

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*Marie* said...

A floor? Really? That is something we don't often see in our house. Only certain rooms. You should take a picture!