Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clean for a moment

Today I spent a few hours cleaning the playroom in the basement. I organized toys, even got out the 2 boxes of toys in the storage room to go through. I have a box full of toys to give away. If nobody on freecycle wants them I'm donating them to the thrift store tomorrow. I also filled a grocery sack with broken toys, garbage, etc. That left us with one tote of toys to put back in the storage room (mostly baby toys, or just not in use right now) and a much cleaner playroom. There is the small bookshelf with it's baskets of organized toys and the few bigger play toys. Of course I know it won't stay clean too long, but it was nice to actually get to the floor to vacuum and have it look nice for a few moments. Plus the sorting and purging makes room for new toys they will get for Christmas.

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Beth said...

Wow, what a project! Way to go!!