Friday, December 14, 2007

Going green

live greener productsHave you ever thought about the amount of waste we humans create? We have cars that chug down gas that can't be immediately replaces and spew toxic gasses into our atmosphere. Then we use disposable products (yes, I am guilty too lol) like diapers, plastic and styrofoam packaging, all these going into our landfills and just piling up. Many of them take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose. Food gets wasted all the time. I feel horrible when I clean out my fridge and end up throwing tons of containers of moldy food out. The amount of food my family wastes could feed a whole other family who doesn't have food. For a while we used cloth diapers because they are better for our babies and our environment, but I admit I got lazy and went back to disposables. Nowadays though there are many ways to go green and be eco-friendly. Greenandmore is a company dedicated to making, and using, recycled and eco products. They make stuff like solar powered electronics, bedding made from organic fibers, and furniture made from recycled plastic lumber. They also use only recycled products on site. You can find a lot of information on going green on their website from the US Department of Energy and the EPA. They also have a blog where their staff and the community can share stories about how they are going green. And get 10% off your order from greenandmore by entering GREEN10 at checkout. Go green with Greenandmore.

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