Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday To-Do

Today I need to do:

* Dishes

* Clean up playroom

* Do some laundry and fold

* Return library book

I really need to return my overdue library book, but I think I'll do that after Hubby gets home so I don't have to take all the boys. The playroom is a big mess like normal, it's almost not even worth it to clean it lol. Dishes are neverending :P Same with laundry. They just pile up so quickly. So that's about it for today!

What are you up to today? Cleaning, Christmas shopping?


Dawn said...

Ugh, laundry has me too. Two more loads to wash and it's ALL washed, just to fold and put it away and take away the shorts and stuff from the boys. I HATE laundry! I'm so feeling your pain there! LOL

My to do list looks just like yours minus the library book. Good luck to you!

Tee/Tracy said...

I finally got around to the Christmas cards. Still haven't sent them though - and a good thing, too. I got one in the mail today from someone I forgot. Ooops! ... LOL. I guess they won't arrive in time now. SIGH. I procrastinate too much!

I guess it's better to be busy than to be bored though. (And I've got a huge stack of books that were overdue. I called and renewed just to give myself time to return them. LOL.)