Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bedtime yet?

I swear it feels later than it is. It's only 8pm but feels like I should have gone to bed already. I think it's just because it gets dark so soon so it seems like it should be later. Even though I slept in today I still feel exhausted already. I'll probably head to bed early. We went to Denny's for dinner tonight and I had yummy cherry strudel french toast, mmm. I might go eat my leftovers before I head to bed.


*Marie* said...

Mmmm, you make me want to go to Denny's.

I agree, that it feels later than it is. It must have something to do with it getting dark earlier.

Kristin said...

I really hate those days! I hope you have a ver Merry Christmas Kara

Anonymous said...

It's been one of those days around here too. I'm ready for Christmas morn'!

It's going to be great fun.

Merry Christmas.