Sunday, December 09, 2007

Working hard

I never liked working outside of the home. Of course my work experience consists of fast food, call centers, and a graveyard shift sorting mail, it's not like it was rocket science or plasma cutting or something, but I still didn't like it. Actually the mail sorting job wasn't too bad. It was good money, mentally easy work, and the people I worked with were great (one was my brother), but the fact that I was pregnant, going to school, had a toddler at home, and it was a graveyard shift standing on my feet for 8 hrs were just too much. I slept about 2 hrs a day for 2.5 months, it was so exhausting and it wasn't good for me to be doing such hard work (on my feet and lifting things for 8 hrs) while pregnant. Anyway, so I'm glad I get to work at home now. Sure having 2 extra babies every weekday is tiring, but I definitely prefer it over the fast food job I had before it.

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Amanda said...

oh I always wondering what it ws like to do the mail. Pat and I did a paper run back in 2004 and that was hard.