Sunday, December 09, 2007

Time Change

Boy, I'm so glad next year we won't have church at 9am. We get to go at 1pm instead. That will be great, we might actually get there on time! It's hard for me to get us all ready to go before 9am so we are usually late. Though we did make it on time today amazingly. Hubby hates 1pm church though, especially on Fast Sundays. I also will need to make sure Jakey naps before we go then, because otherwise he'll be really grumpy in church.


Beth said...

Hey, love your new template and header!

We are going from 11am church to 1pm church next year (three wards in our large stake center). I am a little nervous about conflicting nap times and I hate how nothing gets done all morning long -- I am a 9am church person, except that it sure is hard to get the kids out the door on time when it's so early!

11am is a pretty good time (not too early, not too late) except that it is SO busy in our church building the whole time! I'm looking forward to not having to "fight traffic" in the hallways to leave Church. ;-)

*Marie* said...

I would be grateful for a later church time. Although I love being finished by noon and being able to relax with my husband the rest of the day, it is hard on us now to get there. Our church meetings moved to nine am the same weekend we moved 45 minutes away from the building (in NC). We ended up having to get up at least two hours earlier to get to church on time.