Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hide the TV

When we first got our big TV the boys would not leave it alone and were always getting it so dirty. We finally got a wall mount for it to keep it out of reach but they still occasionally get up on the table under it and can reach the TV and get their dirty handprints all over the bottom of it. What I think we need is one of those plasma lifts for flat-screen TVs. They are so cool. You can press a button to get it to hide in a mount or for it to come out, that way when you aren't using it you can just hide it away. Yeah, I think that would help a lot lol. Until the boys figure out how to get it to come out. :)


*Marie* said...

Sounds like a good invention!

Kristin said...

That would help! Mine has not been mounted, speaking of which how much was your mount?