Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Recovery

Wow, where is everyone? Still recovering from Christmas? Not as many people blogging lately, or visiting and leaving comments. I'm busy with the kids, trying to keep up with the messes, but failing lol. The kids are much quicker at mess-making than I am at cleanup. Sigh. And I've got a headache. I think I'll send them down to the playroom, since it's already a mess, so I can get the main area under control again.


Michelle said...

I haven't been up to blogging this week much. We've been trying to clean up our apartment and doind some organizing. Today the Christmas decorations will come down.

Sorry about your headache. I hope it goes away for you! *hugs*

Beth said...

I noticed that, too, that it feels like everybody's up and left since Christmas Eve. But it seems that there's a little more activity today.

Good luck on the cleanup!

Kristin said...

Yeah it takes a few days. I hope everyone is getting back in the groove soon.