Saturday, December 22, 2007

Birthday Planning

I'm on a bunch of messageboards for ladies who have kids my boys' ages. It's fun to keep up with them and see what all their kids are up to. But I also see how different things are between people. We don't have birthday's for the boys until June and September, but there are some people already planning their kid's next birthday! Now me, I usually have no idea what we are doing for their birthdays until the week before, but some of these ladies are already picking out their kids party invitations and party themes and guest lists and everything! Either I'm just way too simple or they are overdoing it a bit lol.


*Marie* said...

That's crazy!

Kristin said...

They are just over doing it. I have Mom friends who live in the Uk and even they are very different in some things they do. It's just a birthday party not a wedding! lol