Thursday, December 13, 2007

My new Hamilton Beach® Mixer is here!

I am so excited! A few weeks ago I entered a contest to win a new Hamilton Beach® Eclectrics® Mixer, and amazingly I was chosen! After seeing how cool they looked online I was so excited to see how it looked in person. I've been waiting anxiously for the UPS man for the last few days, and finally today my waiting paid off. Mr. UPS Guy probably thought I was insane as I jumped up and down saying "Yay, it's here! Thank you!" (Doesn't help that he's our neighbor that goes to church with us lol.) I immediately brought it in and dug my new Hamilton Beach® Mixer out of the box. I had heard it would be yellow so was a bit worried that it would be banana yellow and be too bright for my drab kitchen, but it is actually a very mellow soothing yellow and looks so sleek and smooth. I assembled the parts and plugged it in to see if it really was quieter than my old one and it is, it rotates quietly and smoothly. And I'll tell you, this thing is sturdy! Solid and heavy, which means it won't try "crawling" off the counter. I had a lot of fun making this little video about my Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer and even talked Hubby into being my co-star. Enjoy!


Crazy Working Mom said...

That video is really good! :)

You go girl. I'm proud of ya.

Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

Michelle said...

ROFL Loved it Kara! You guys are so cute. :D

Maria said...

I liked your version better. Congratulation of winning! I need to enter some contests and maybe I can win something too.