Monday, December 17, 2007

Are you ready?

So, Christmas is just a little over a week away, are you ready? We are mostly ready. I need to pick up a few stocking stuffers for the boys (and a few more thing for Jakey to even things out a bit, lol, he has one gift and Jason has 5 or so) and waiting for one of Hubby's presents to arrive. One of my gifts arrived broken so Hubby has to go get a new one sometime this week, he's not trusting them to ship it again so he has to drive almost an hour to Target to get it. I might try making some pajama pants for the boys if I feel like it. My family always got pj's to open on Christmas Eve and I want to do that with my kids. And we got a children's Bible from a lady at church so I'll read the story of Christ's birth to the boys on Christmas Eve too, even though they don't understand yet. :)

So are you ready for Christmas?


Dawn said...

Not. At. All. LOL Kevin is taking off from work early on Friday and the boys are staying the night at my mom's house and we're going to kick out the rest of our shopping. We have almost everything for the boys but nothing for Jayden or anyone else.

Beth said...

I am very pleased to report that I mailed out ALL my gifts to extended family yesterday, after knocking out the shopping in just a couple days. All I need now is maybe one more present for Logan (I had to take one back 'cause he got it for his birthday from Grandma!) and stocking stuffers.

I'm finally excited for Christmas instead of dreading it!