Monday, December 10, 2007

Manic Monday- Ornament

Today's Manic Monday word is Ornament.

We have had our Christmas tree up for a week. We put up the ornaments last Monday, and within 24 hours the bottom half of the tree was stripped of ornaments by the cats and kids. It is really sad. Also, the boys seem to think that glass bulb ornaments are balls and are supposed to be thrown. I think they've broken nearly 10 already. We also have a bunch of plastic ornaments and bells and things that they like to play with and leave around the house to be stepped on.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Two years ago, I went all plastic. I've never looked back! *LOL*

Sorry to hear your ornaments are getting demolished. So goes the life of a mommy, 'eh?!

Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

Ian said...

My kids have actually left the tree alone this year. We have new cats, though. One of them has amused herself by climbing up the branches, and they both like to chew on the ends and bat the ornaments around.


maryt/theteach said...

Sounds like a lot of fun in your house at Christmas...:)

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