Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Second Day In A Row!

Wow, for the second day in a row all 3 boys are napping at the same time! I’m practically in shock! The peace and quiet is soooo nice. :D I really hope they keep this up. Now I’m going to try to lay down. Yesterday I didn’t get a nap when they did cuz I spent too much time online, then by the time I did lay down Jakey woke up, so I better do it now!

Update: Well, unfortunately Little T woke up shortly after I typed this :P I did get a few minutes of rest while I gave him a bottle and tried to get him back to sleep, but he was wide awake, and Jakey woke up soon after.

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Michelle said...

Well yay for it starting out great! Sorry they woke up so soon. It's amazing you can get them all down at once even for a little while! I tried to put four down today at once and only two actually did. Somedays it's hard.