Friday, December 21, 2007

No Friday's Feast

I'm bummed that there's no Friday's Feast today :P Oh well. I should probably clean and stuff instead of spending the day feasting :D I really need to get the playroom cleaned up, it gets messy so fast! And I'm thinking I'll move all the presents that we have under the tree up to the office where I can keep them locked up, I am so tired of rewrapping and keeping the kids away from them. We don't have much to do today. The roads are bad and we have nowhere to go so we are staying in. I might see what material I have and try to make the boys some pajama pants for Christmas. I also need to work on the hats I'm crocheting some more, when the boys nap. Hubby has to drive to Idaho Falls after work to pick up one of my presents, and return another. I hope the roads are okay. Well, gotta go see what my little guys are up to in the kitchen. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and if you are going away for the holidays drive safe and have a good time!

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Unknown said...

Nice Friday! Even though this weeks feast isn't up, I have my Fridays post up! Come by and visit!