Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Ibuprofen. Seriously. My mouth hurts from going to the orthodontist yesterday, it even woke me up this morning cuz it hurt so bad. But the Ibuprofen is helping it feel a little better. Tylenol does nothing for me for some reason, but Ibuprofen works great. I was tempted to take the extra strength prescription Ibuprofen leftover from when I had Baby, but I figured it might not be good when I have to be awake to watch 3 kids all day lol.

So I'm thankful for modern medicine that can make me feel better :D What are you thankful for today?


Michelle said...

I'm sorry your mouth hurts still. When I had braces sometimes I would bite on my tongue, not hard of course, to get the blood circulating and that would help a little. Thankfully the medicine is working!

Today I'm thankful for other people's kids which entertain mine. lol

Dawn said...

You know those "Real American Heroes" commercials that are alwys playing by whatever beer company it is, anyhow - yeah - for some reason that singing jingle just ran through my head when I read your post! LOL

I'm so glad that ibuprofen is helping!! I hope you get those off soon!