Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for the great day we had yesterday. We really enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Our bbq was nice and Michelle even helped clean up after, isn't she great? Then later Michelle nvited us to join them at her inlaws to light off fireworks. It was fun, although my boys didn't like it lol. Toddler kept crying and saying "no more!" but he would finally watch them through the camera screen lol, guess he thought it was a movie that way. Then we went to a park to watch the city fireworks. Those were ok, and the boys liked those better since we were a few miles away and they weren't as loud and scary from there. We all got to bed later than normal, so we're still tired, but it was a good day. How was your 4th?


Michelle said...

Right after you guys left yesterday, the fireworks started back up again. I thought they were over too but apparently it was intermission? lol We headed home and only caught a part of it but oh well.

Our 4th was fun. It was nice spending time with you and your family. Thanks again for the great BBQ food!

Kara said...

Yeah, we saw them as we were driving home, which was nice cuz as we drove we looked for places that were easier to see them from, so next year we can watch them closer :) We could kind of see them from the office window too. It was fun :)

Anonymous said...

My two year old son also thought the fireworks were too loud, but after the initial pops he would uncover his ears. What brought us inside was the neighbor's fireworks. I guess they caught him off guard. I love how yours would watch them through the camera. So funny.