Friday, July 27, 2007

Nothing Major

In college I changed my major 3 times. In 3 years (4 really, but I took off a semester with each kid). Obviously I did not get very far in any of them, and eventually left with nothing but a mishmash of classes that could not work together for any major really. The last one I chose was Accounting. I guess since I liked math and did well, that would be a good choice. Then I could become a Certified Public Accountant and work from home during tax season. Um yeah, after about 2 classes I realized it was not for me. It was nothing like real math. It was math on crack. Math in the twilight zone. Even with helpful payroll software, tax software, and any other special software they have, I'm sure it would still drive me nuts. Every formula had different rules, and loopholes, and special little sub-formulas and loopholes in the loopholes. It was chaos! And I had to take Economics for the major too. I HATE Economics classes, they make even less sense. I got my only F in college in my 2nd Economics class, out of the 5 I would need. It was then that I decided that it was not going to work and promptly gave up. One day I will go back to school, when they get a major in Motherhood, Homemaking, or General Life Studies or something. Something I actually feel I could pass.


Anonymous said...

You sound like me. Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? I enjoyed this major b/c you just take a little bit of everything...I liked science, but didn't want to become a meteorologist, etc. I never had to take the super crazy hard classes : ) Anyway, it's an idea...and it's actually a very practical career choice once your kiddos are in school.

Kara said...

Actually my first 2 majors were theatre education and history education, but I decided not to go into education after all. I absolutely hate talking in front of people. Seriously, I was a nursery teacher at church for a while and cried the first time I had to come up with a 5 minute lesson for 2 yr olds. So, nope, no teaching for me!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to that too....when I first started, it was always in front of other adults. I am still terrified of that...and parent night??? It might as well be called "Poke me in the head with needles instead Night." But, when it's just me and people under 10...I'm good. High schoolers would probably be the worst for me!! : O Whatever you decide to do I'm sure you'll be great at it! Besides, what you're doing right now is the most important job you'll ever have!