Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One day I'll win

Well, you should realize by now that I love entering contests. The only thing I've won so far is a box of Fruity Cheerios, but I'm sure one of these days I'll win something nicer! Adventures in Babywearing is having another contest, this time for a $50 gift certificate to Kangaroodle, a store with lots of cool baby gear, including slings, diaper bags, and sippy cups. Go check it out now, the contest ends tomorrow! Also check out the new launch of Mama Speaks.


Lorie said...

Good Luck Kara, thanks for the heads up about this contest. Have you heard about the dog days of summer bloggy giveaway Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer is doing? Maybe you can win something there?

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Thanks so much for entering!


Kara said...

Lorie- yep, I heard of that and hopefully can win something hehehe, I might even have a contest on there too.

Michelle said...

Well you have to at least win one! Good luck with this contest!!