Friday, July 20, 2007

Digital Love

I love my camera. I don't know how I survived before digital cameras came out. Film cameras seem so primitive now! Having to get the film developed, not being able to preview and discard pics, I don't know how people did it. I'm so happy I can take a thousand pictures and only print the ones I really want, the rest I can easily store on my computer and online to quickly share with people. We have a Canon Powershot A610, and it is perfect for us, just a point and click type. Works better than our last digital camera. I can easily take 300 pics of a day at the park, then come home and go through them and put the best ones online to share. If you don't have a digital camera you are really missing out!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I agree that digital cameras are awesome! We've had ours for only a few weeks but I love it! I love deleting pictures, I like that I can download them and crop them. Soooo nice!