Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday's Feast

What is your favorite fruit?

- Probably banana cuz it's yummy and easy. Of course I love fresh pineapple too, but it's not quite as convenient.

Who is someone you consider as a great role model?

- Well, the only person I can think of right now is Jesus lol

If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?

- Oh come on, there's nothing fun within one hour of anywhere in Idaho :P lol. I guess since next week is our anniversary we could go spend the night at the hotel we went to on our honeymoon, that's an hour away.

Main Course
Name something you do too often.

- Blog, plain and simple

Fill in the blank: I really like ___________ because ____________.

- I really like sleep because I don't get enough.


tegdirb92 said...

i agree with every one of your answers. A banana is a great invention isn't it? :) I LOVE SLEEP!! Great feast.

Lady of Musotopia said...

I agree with your soup! I also hope you get more sleep (although it must not be easy at all).
Great feast! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend :)
P.S. Bananas are also great but last year we had Cyclone Larry up north and bananas skyrocketed to $15/kg!!! Now they're more reasonable - I think around $4.95/kg

Michelle said...

Do you think moms will get enough sleep in the millennium? I sure hope so! lol I agree with your salad, there really isn't too much to do around here. Good feast Kara. :D

Eleisia said...

Enjoyed your feast.
Idaho has some beautiful mountains and forests and not too many people.
Bananas are yummy and convenient and they make delicious banana bread when they get too ripe to eat.

Melody said...

Hi Kara, great feast!
Like your main course, and dessert as well! LOL.

Happy Friday!

amy said...

Great feast. I love sleep and nanas as well!

Addie said...

I wonder who in this whole wide world DOESN'T like to sleep??? Lovely feast - thanks for sharing!

Come over and FEAST with me too!!

Jodi said...

Great feast! Your soup was awesome!

Have a great Friday!
♥ Jodi

Alice Teh said...

I agree with all of your answers, especially your Dessert. LOL. A yummy feast! Have a good weekend!

Gill said...

That's the thing about bananas - they're SO easy. They aren't my favourite fruit, but they're the fruit I eat the most of LOL

Judy Thomas said...

Happy Friday. I think blogging too much is something all bloggers could admit to. It's SO addicting!

The Bass Player's Wife said...

Oh yes, bananas are a powerful little food, aren't they?
More sleep sounds good, too...

Skittles said...

I think Jesus is a great role model :)

jennyR said...

same main course served!and i love your soup! my feast is up...hope u could come and visit!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Our anniversary is in 2 weeks and I'm STILL trying to figure out what to do (we have too much going on at church that week).

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

A wonderful feast... great answers. Happy anniversary!

Thanks for the visit. Come often :o)

BeccaGirl said...

I really love your soup! Come by and see my feast!

Kim said...

Great feast today! Your main course is just like mine. Love your dessert!

Mine is up...come on over!

crazy working mom said...

Great soup just yet. :)

Mama Pajama said...

Sleep....I love it...more than dessert : ).