Tuesday, July 17, 2007


When we moved into this house last year, the backyard was such a disaster. The previous owners hadn't really done anything with it except throw yard waste back there. It is on a slope so it's hard to work with. It was covered in weeds, waste, and rocks. Hubby has done an excellent job with fixing it up. He tilled it, smoothed it out, planted grass, had dirt brought in to bring up the level of the bottom half, and will plant grass there too. We are going to create some tiers on the top steepest part. I want to dig out some bushes around our deck that are ugly and overgrown, refinish our decks, maybe get some teak outdoor furniture, and eventually our backyard is going to look so nice! It's already so much nicer than it was at this time last year, and I'm sure it's brought the property value up. We like to go sit out on the back lawn in the evening when it gets cooler and enjoy the fresh air and let the boys play.

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