Friday, July 13, 2007


At least once a day Toddler makes me laugh by something funny he says, usually unexpectedly. I usually forget to write them down too, but I try to remember the extra funny ones. Today he was playing with blocks on the floor by me and started, um, filling his diaper. Rather loudly. And of course nothing embarrasses me anymore, so I say "Are you pooping?" He gives me that "you caught me" look and says "Yep! Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!" And I realized it had indeed sounded somewhat like a frog croaking and started laughing uncontrollably, which made him laugh at me and every time he laughed he tooted a bit more, making us both laugh even more. Ah, the joys of bodily functions lol. Once upon a time I would have found such a thing gross and embarrassing, but that was before I had a dozen people stare at me giving birth, before I caught throw up with my bare hands to keep it off the carpet, before I had been pooped on numerous times by babies. After kids, nothing phases me lol.

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Beth said...

*LOL* That's funny! And I totally hear you on the "nothing embarrasses me" anymore thing. Having kids does that for you!