Thursday, July 19, 2007

5 Questions MEME

OK, I think this is the last MEME I have waiting for me to finish. Let me know if you've tagged me for any more lol. This one is from Lorie. You answer the 5 questions from the person who tagged you then are supposed to tag more people and ask them 5 new questions. I know I'm supposed to tag people, but really, everyone I know is already swamped with memes lol. So if you want to do it go ahead and answer these questions too.

1. What is your greatest accomplishment in life so far?
- Giving birth to my children, one by c-section, and one all natural (no meds)

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
- When people don't do things the same way as me lol, like dishes, folding laundry, etc. I don't mind them doing it, I just can't watch.

3. If you went to a yard sale what would you most likely be looking for and buy?
- I don't go to yard sales often, but I'd probably just browse until something caught my eye.

4. What is the greatest deal you have ever gotten shopping?
- Well, our TV was a good deal in terms of the amount we saved, but in terms of % of cost saved, I'd have to say the hammock and chess set we bought in Cancun, we paid less than half of the asking cost for both.

5. Who is your best friend and what qualities do they posses that make them your best friend?
- I guess my husband, cuz he is always there loving me no matter what I do :) We've always had a lot in common.

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Lorie said...

THanks for playing. Sorry, I tag you too much, I guess cause I know you will do it. Sorry!