Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's a conspiracy!

I am so tired of this desk being all cluttered. Have you ever noticed how modern desks don't seem to have drawers? I don't know why this is, but they are just metal, glass, and dark wood but no storage. We have an old solid wood desk that is nothing but drawers and storage space but it's all the way in the basement and there's no way we are bringing that 500lb monstrosity up 2 flights of stairs! I do love the sleek look of modern desks, and our desk it pretty cool, but it has no drawers! My papers keep piling up, I have pens, keys, electronics, CDs and other junk just piled all over because I have no place to store them. Wait, maybe that's on purpose. Maybe they want to make me clean my desk more often! That must be it! If I had drawers they would just get piled with junk but I would never clean it because I could just hide it. The furniture companies must be messing with my brain to get me to be more organized and clean! They must have spoken with my mom.

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